Film projects pitching at 'Delai Film' documentary film festival aims to expand the opportunities for independent documentary production in Russia. Pitching will support films that are not afraid to talk about controversial topics and, at the same time, offer alternatives to existing social norms and traditions.
Pitching in 2018 consists of two parts: a two-day workshop for film directors where they will be able to work on the skills for the public presentation of their projects and pitching itself where filmmakers will present their ideas. A jury will choose three projects to receive grants for shooting films to the amount of 200,000 rubles (first place) and 100,000 rubles (second and third place). Films must be completed before the end of 2019.
The first pitching took place on July 18, 2017. The winners were chosen by a jury that included Ekaterina Vizgalova, film critic and deputy editor-in-chief of the portal; Yegor Yelchin, director of educational programs at crowdfunding platform; Nuria Fatykhova, coordinator of 'Democracy' programmes at the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Russia).
grants for the production of films were received by:
Workwomen. Wild and free
The state restricts women's access to 456 professions. For example, a woman cannot work as a trucker. Why? Who decided this? The film examines this issue and tries to change the situation, telling the story of women who do not accept these rules, and try and change the situation themselves (a grant of 250,000 rubles).
This film recounts the story of the heroes who helped people in need free of charge in the first days after the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro on 4th March, 2017. They contacted them via social media posts with the hashtag #going home. It was a film about solidarity during a disaster (a grant of 150,000 rubles).
The rubber apartment
One person replaces the system, helping people avoid problems. And the existing system tries to prevent it, using its repressive measures. This is the story of Tatyana Kotlyar, who helps refugees to get registered and legally find a job in Moscow. Simultaneously, it turns out that all the major conflicts of post-Soviet history take place in her three-room apartment in Obninsk (a grant of 150,000 rubles).
The future
In addition, the Heinrich Böll Foundation allocated a micro-grant (50,000rubles) to another project:
The future is a documentary animated film about demonstrations that took place in
many cities across Russia on June 12, 2017. A lot of schoolchildren came to protests, which caused widespread surprise. 'The future' tells us about these young people in order to understand why they came to protest and what kind of country they want to see.
In 2017, the pitching was the final stage of 'Fair of ideas', a new format for film projects that the organizers of the festival came up with in 2013. This meant that topics were proposed by activists, artists and all those who have changed reality by their actions. Film directors got acquainted with potential heroes, chose a topic and shot a movie. In this format, the following films were shot: 'Volunteers. Play with fire', 'Dance to live' and 'Liberate love!'. In 2018, 'Fair of ideas' was substituted for the pitching format outlined above.
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