19th — 23rd April
is a documentary festival of films, which promote changes of the urban environment, and authors of such films who believe in the possibility of societal transformation by own efforts
Artistic activism
Documented actions and performances as well as films about street art and socially orientated art
Films on self-organization, ecology, fight with corruption and civil rights effort
Stories about people who change and improve their cities and towns, districts and villages under own steam
Films and storylines that feature topics of gender, excluded and 'unseen' people and communities
The process of preparation of the festival is based on voluntary efforts of many people. If you share the outlook and ideas of our event, you are welcome to take part in it.
'Delai Film' annually gathers documentary directors, artists and activists in Moscow. The festival acts as a platform for Russian and international premieres, works as a discussional space on crucial social topics and introduces new genres of documentary.

For the first time the festival 'Delai Film' was organized in Moscow in 2013 by the founders of the Platform of urban initiatives 'Delai Sam'.